Caldwell Vale Rebuild

Over $15,000 and more than 3 years hard work has restored this piece of history back to its old glory.

Our Caldwell Vale is endured a working life of 25 years (1911 – 1936) after which the tractor ended up on a station north of Port Augusta with a very badly cracked gearbox housing. For the next 35 years, it slowly had bits and pieces removed until some BSTPS members brought it back to Booleroo Centre, where it sat for another forty years before being shifted into the workshop.

Here it was stripped down and work completed on the gearbox.  Three metres of welding and eight reinforcing plates and the gearbox was finished. Three years of work on the engine ensued, with dual spark plugs and dual oiling system fitted, the crankshaft was rebuilt and bearings, camshaft driving gears were seen to. Restorations are now complete, and you can see our Caldwell Vale during the year if you visit, or at the Annual Rally.

Click this link for an article from the Cotton Grower with a little more history on the story of the Caldwell Vales.

Cotton grower Article